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THORChain Privacy Debate Highlights
August 24, 2022 #News #THORChain

THORChain Privacy Debate Highlights


THORChain privacy debate recently held on 24th Aug at the THORChain Dev discord , 16:00 UTC and had over 130 participants. Notable speakers were Chad Barraford, Aquila, Ahawk , THORChain Bull, Michael Perklin and more.

Chad B. shared his opinions on privacy being a basic human right and THORChain also built as a chain-agnostic network. Chad B, later mentioned down the discussion that THORChain by itself is not a mixer akin to Ethereum not being a ''facilitator' to Tornado Cash in a matter of speaking.

THORChain Bull, a popular node operator shared concerns around risk reward of integrating a privacy chain like Haven without major economic incentives while regulators are hovering around 'crypto skies'. He further mentioned that it may just be a little too fast too soon. He also discussed issues around bare metal nodes and possibilities of regulators clamping hard on cloud-based node operators.

Michael Perklin from ShapeShift gave the community a tour of some earlier KYC-regulatory demand which pushed ShapeShift to make the tactical addition of adding KYC and proverbially loosing the battle to win the war. He further advised the community could wait until THORChain had a much larger surface area and then support privacy.

Ahawk from Haven spoke of how important privacy was and how much effort had gone into building Haven and partnering with the THORChain community over the years.

Several other members of the community shared their thoughts on some other issues such as Haven stagenet integration, which comes first  between voting or coding the chain, BSC not eventually becoming as significant as touted, Dash integration e.tc

The community has been asked to keep the conversation going and share thoughts in the dev discord as nodes continue to vote.

A recording of this debate was also made by FamiliarCow.

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