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THORChain Preps First Stage of Network Restart
August 09, 2021 #News #THORChain

THORChain Preps First Stage of Network Restart

THORNode code has been given the green light by auditors, allowing for block production while the remaining audits continue.


The Big Picture

THORChain is currently halted while multiple audits are underway — swaps, RUNE upgrades, liquidity provisioning, and other transactions are currently unavailable.

Today, the core team — along with Nine Realms and the new THORSec team — finished auditing the THORNode code. This will allow the network to be brought back up in stages, starting with the THORChain blockchain itself as early as this week.

This basic functionallity will allow RUNE transactions and block rewards to continue to be processed.

The Good News

THORChain has previously announced that they are planning to back-pay liquidity providers and node operators for the block rewards missed while the chain was offline.

These users will still be unable to withdraw funds from pools, but with the chain online, they can continue to receive rewards until the audits are complete.

The network is expected to be fully operational in 10-12 weeks.

Follow our Network Operation Roadmap for the latest timeline.

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