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THORChain Node Operators Practice "Code Red"
August 03, 2022 #News #THORChain

THORChain Node Operators Practice "Code Red"


Security is always first for THORChain, and recently, THORChain Node operators practiced a drill called "Code Red".

Because nodes have the most at stake and globally monitor the network 24/7, the Code Red feature makes it possible for a  node to pause the network for 1hr if they spot anything suspicious. Any other node can unpause.

If the network (or a bifrost) is ever compromised then it can quickly pause signing. The txOut queue will grow, but the network can react. A node can only pause once per 7 days and any node can unpause as soon as possible.

This feature helps keep the network/funds safe and minimize a potential exploit.

Other security features available  are:

  • TxOut throttles
  • THORSec
  • Bounty programs with Immunefi
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