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THORChain Mega Dev Update
November 11, 2021 #News #THORChain

THORChain Mega Dev Update

Summary of THORChain Development Update from Aug 30th - Nov 7th


The THORChain Dev team has released an update of development progress from Aug 30th - Nov 7th.

Main Updates:

  • All security audits have concluded and all supported chains have restarted
  • The report on the THORChain audit will be released soon
  • Moving forward, all PRs must be reviewed and approved by the THORSec team
  • A series of serious bugs were found and responsibly disclosed. These bugs have been patched
  • Approximately 67 THORNode and 2 Midgard updates have been released to the network
  • 364K RUNE that were not emitted as block rewards due to the network halt will be paid out soon. Payout details are here
  • The network faced TSS signing issues upon restarting the BTC chain which delayed transactions. These problems have been resolved
  • An ERC20 whitelist has been implemented to protect the network from malicious tokens
  • The team has decided that IBC is not suitable for THORChain, and instead will use their existing Bifrost protocol for connecting to Cosmos blockchains
  • Discussions around protocol insurance are still in progress, with self-insurance being preferred over an insurance provider
  • The cap on pooled RUNE has been increased a couple times, and now sits at 15M

Bridge Development:

  • Dash, Decred, and Solana bridges are all in progress
  • Terra is expected by the end of the year
  • Monero is undergoing scoping. Discussions are in place

Next Milestones:

  • Churn Nodes and shard Asgard Vault
  • ETH V3 Router Upgrade
  • Activate Synths and THORNames
  • Connect new bridges
  • Release Vault Nodes (formally Lite Nodes)

Additional details can be found in the full article here.

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