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THORChain Achieves Strong Decentralization Stats.
August 29, 2022 #News #THORChain

THORChain Achieves Strong Decentralization Stats.

THORChain hits a Nakamoto Coefficient of 29.


Data from  nakaflow.io  and analysis  from ChainflowPOS reflects that THORChain is on the right path to achieving high levels of decentralization.

The Nakamoto coefficient measures decentralization and represents the minimum number of nodes required to disrupt the blockchain's network. A high Nakamoto coefficient means that a blockchain is more decentralized.

'The Nakamoto score takes into consideration how many subsystems(mining, clients, developers, exchanges, nodes, owners) a blockchain has, and how many entities you would have to compromise before gaining control of each subsystem. Basically, a Nakamoto score describes the minimum amount of effort it would take to disrupt any given blockchain. A high coefficient means that a blockchain is harder to disrupt, because it’s more decentralized' - learn.bybit


Table above shows the NC for PoS networks. THORChain has a NC of 29, third to Solana which has a NC of 32.

THORChain recently sharded its Asgard vaults bringing nodes to over 100+.
Conceivably, around 250+ nodes is possible and with better subsystems' distribution, a higher Nakamoto Score should be achievable.


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