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THORChain Halted Due to Consensus Failure
November 19, 2021 #News #THORChain

THORChain Halted Due to Consensus Failure

THORChain Halted Due to Consensus Failure


Yesterday, THORNode got stuck in a consensus failure, meaning the active nodes were not agreeing on the state chain in a given block. All funds are safe, and the core dev team believes they have discovered the cause.


  • The code path that resulted in the error involved iterating over a map
  • Maps do not maintain order, which can result in a consensus failure
  • For the first time, a node referenced a pool (BNB.CAS-167) that no longer exists, triggering the failure
  • A patch has been created to fix the root cause
  • Final testing is being performed, and instructions for the node operators will be released shortly

Details on the bug fix can be found in the merge request and on Twitter. The chain is expected to restart imminently.

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