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THORChain Enables BTC Trading
October 01, 2021 #News #THORChain

THORChain Enables BTC Trading

Native Bitcoin trading resumes as the network takes a giant leap forward towards full operations.


The Big Picture

Hot on the heels of the latest THORNode update, the THORChain team has re-enabled Bitcoin trading.

Liquidity provisioning and withdrawal should be fully enabled once pool prices are balanced relative to market prices.

Why This is Important

The current DeFi-market only allows for pegged or wrapped Bitcoin.

When an asset is wrapped, the risk it carries increases. More so, it no longer carries the properties of the native asset.

THORChain is the only protocol so far looking to bring native Bitcoin to DeFi.

Going Forward

Ethereum and ERC-20 trading is slated to resume in the next few weeks once audits conclude.

Features and products such as ThorFi, Synths, and more can then be deployed on the core THORChain infrastructure.

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