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July 20, 2021

THORChain Community Rallies in Response to Exploit

In response to last week's network attack, the THORChain community has taken to Twitter to voice their confidence & support, launched proposals to remedy the incident and prevent future exploits, created an NFT to commemorate the incident, and have even contributed arbitrage profits back to the treasury to help restore solvency.

Community members voiced their confidence in the project highlighting its: transparency, response speed, & their conviction of its importance in the decentralized future:

Prominent crypto community members, Luke Saunders of Delphi Digital & Do Kwon of Terra, highlight THORChain’s bright future & strong community:

The Larry (@larry0x) created an exclusive NFT for ETH liquidity providers to commemorate the incident:

THORChads gave back in support of the treasury with their arbitrage profits resulting from the exploit to help restore solvency:

What’s Next:

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