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THORChain.com Wears a New Look
July 04, 2022 #News #THORChain

THORChain.com Wears a New Look


THORChain.com, the official website of THORChain recently got a major upgrade and its an awesome new site for a new era of THORChain.

Simple, sleek, and smooth, the website makes it easy for  individuals, developers and institutions to take advantage of the cross-chain liquidity, swaps and yield with just a few moves.

Explore with the main tabs below :

  • Integrate: Power your App with access to THORChain Liquidity. Expand your customer base, make your application multichain, and power revenue through affiliate fees on swaps.
  • Swap: Trade native assets across 7 blockchains, with more to come.A full display of several exchanges building on THORChain is available here.
  • Earn Yeild: Provide liquidity for any supported asset to earn yield. Tools including the Yield calculator can be found here.
  • Ecosystem: Discover a wide range of apps, wallets, tools, and resources built in the THORChain ecosystem by developers and contributors from around the world.
  • Powered by RUNE: Understand all things about the $RUNE token.

Once again this is a new website experience for the new era of THORChain .

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