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THORChads DAO Announces NFT Trophies Season 1 Drop
November 23, 2021 #News

THORChads DAO Announces NFT Trophies Season 1 Drop

Season 1 of the THORChads DAO NFT Trophy drop is underway and proven THORChads will be rewarded.


Back Story

NFT Trophies are limited edition NFTs that are rewarded to top THORChads. They are distributed in seasonal drops to individuals that have “proven their Chadness” via on-chain metrics, Discord metrics or other community contributions.

These limited edition NFT’s are specially created by top artists from the THORChain community. Each NFT Trophy season consists of unique artwork from a featured artist.

The Good News

THORChads DAO in a recent announcement has indicated Season 1 for the NFT Trophies drop is underway.

10 Norse Characters featured in Season 1

NFT Trophy Instructions

  1. #ProveYourChadness by generating your Score on thorchads.com/score. If you complete more challenges to increase your score, be sure to re-generate your Score.
  2. On Monday, Nov 29th a snapshot will be taken of the top 400 Chads on THORChad Score’s Leaderboard. Be sure to generate your score BEFORE this snapshot!
  3. If eligible, whitelist your ETH (ERC-compatible) address between Nov 29th and Dec 5th (1 week). This is required because your Score is tied to your THORChain address, but needs you to confirm your ERC-compatible ETH address. Community members who won the Discord Quest, Easter Egg hunts or Twitter/Discord giveaways will be auto-whitelisted and do not need to complete this step.
  4. We will airdrop NFT Trophies directly to eligible AND whitelisted wallets on Dec 6th
  5. Flex your NFT Trophy on Twitter and tag @THORChadsDAO

Going Forward

THORChads DOA has indicated more NFT Trophy seasons would coming soon and that they have a slew of amazing artists ready to share their unique, limited edition artwork with the Chaddest of Chads.

Please stay tuned on THORChads DAO's Twitter and Discord to learn more!

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