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THORYield V2 Now Released
July 16, 2022 #News #THORChain

THORYield V2 Now Released


THORYield team are extremely excited to release their long-awaited THORYield App v2.0.

This update includes a fully revamped version with a modern UI, many UX improvements and new features summarized below:

  • Streamlined Initial Setup Process (now supporting THORNames)
  • LP Positions Tracker: new design and structure
  • $THOR Staking Rewards Tracker now features token price, daily timeframe chart, Staking related Stats and historical rewards distribution to vTHOR holders.
  • Portfolio Tracker now includes aggregated metrics and details on each token in connect wallets (as dedicated page with historical price charts).
  • [NEW] THORChain Learn page with news and educational material.

With THORChain Learn, you can catch up on everything THORChain on the go. The team have built a dedicated section with news and learning material so that you can always stay up to date when a new educational updates and content on THORChain & THORSwap are released.

Going Forward

The team will continue to implement all the current features on the web version on mobile, including THORChain network metrics, LPs stats etc. Also THORYield will be displaying more details regarding users' LPs positions such as the ability to select a specific timeframe (e.g. D/W/M).

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