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LUNA LP Airdrop Now Available
September 05, 2022 #News #Terra

LUNA LP Airdrop Now Available


Providers of liquidity for terra assets on THORChain can now claim $LUNA airdrop for their positions.

Eligible users will have one month, from Sept. 4th, 2022 to Oct. 4th, 2022, to claim their airdrop. LUNA not claimed by Oct. 4th, 2022 will be returned to the Community Pool. This includes any unused gas fees.

IMPORTANT: To avoid phishing attacks, make sure that the URL you’re visiting is phoenix-airdrop.terra.money.

To know if you qualify for an airdrop, check your TERRA Wallet address here (the one that you originally LP'd with on THORChain. If you LP'd asymmetrically with RUNE you do not qualify for the airdrop): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1n-6fXwK3TY7ZdnvPkwmPhMjtMECRn2946SKa86lBXLo/edit#gid=587747099

A summary for claiming is below:

  1. Visit the Claim Interface
  2. Connect Your Wallet and Select Your Origin Chain
  3. Provide a New Terra Wallet Address and Sign the Transaction
  4. Transaction Success

A full guide is available here.

Many thanks to THORmaximalist and other THORChads for pushing this.

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