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Terra Founder & CEO Do Kwon Praises THORChain on Modern Finance Podcast
August 04, 2021 #News #THORChain

Terra Founder & CEO Do Kwon Praises THORChain on Modern Finance Podcast

The outspoken Terraform Labs CEO exalted THORChain's potential to bring "the king of crypto" into DeFi.


In a recent episode of Kevin Rose's Modern Finance Podcast, Terraform Labs Founder & CEO Do Kwon exalted THORChain's potential to bring Bitcoin and other disparate crypto assets into DeFi.

Kwon acknowledged the challenges of building for cross-chain interoperability, while praising the THORChain team's execution to date.

Asked by Rose, Kwon went on to reveal that the Terra and THORChain teams will be setting up relayers so users can send assets between the two ecosystems seamlessly, adding that he would personally be providing liquidity between $LUNA and $RUNE on THORChain when the pool goes live.

The full episode can be found here (segment starts around 31m). Transcription of the relevant quotes shared below.

Rose: What are you thoughts on some of these projects that do native crypto swaps? Are you a fan of THORChain? Have you been following that project at all?

Kwon: Yeah, I’m a big fan of THORChain…

I think THORChain is interesting because I believe the future is going to be interchain and interconnected.

And most of the most popular DEXes have fragmented liquidity that are centralized around specific ecosystems like BSC or Ethereum or Serum and things like that.

What THORChain has the potential of bridging is it can bring Bitcoin in which is huge.

Some of the the other non-smart contract systems like Ripple or Dogecoin… if [THORChain] can find a way to bring all those things into DeFi, then that’s a huge opportunity.

Because then, not only have you brought the king of crypto into cryptos most exciting opportunity (which is DeFi), but you can also connect together all these different types of liquidity without having to sacrifice security.

I think the difficult part of what this is and what are the reasons THORChain takes a relatively long time to build is that reasoning through the security models of all of these different state machines, and to bring it together under the harmonious set of rules - especially as the base layers are updating and upgrading - it’s a lot of work.

So far I’m really impressed with how the team has been executing through all this.

Rose: Are your stablecoins going to be supported inside of the THOR Ecosystem?

Kwon: Yeah. We’re both going to be including IBC in the next mainnet upgrades, and then once we do, we’re going to be setting up relayers for Terra and THORChain assets to intermingle with each other, and I think for me personally, I’m going to be providing liquidity for LUNA vs RUNE on THORChain, so I think that’s also going to be interesting.

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