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Swapper DEX to Launch Beta App
August 29, 2022 #News #SwapperDEX

Swapper DEX to Launch Beta App


In the coming days, Swapper DEX will be launching its beta app.

Swapper's vision is that Blockchain and DeFi can be the banking platform of the future so that the number of users is equal to the number of people using traditional bank accounts today.

Swapper DEX is the latest addition to the THORChain ecosystem. They believe in decentralizing the world and are working to make it easily accessible to everyone. THORChain encourages as many front-ends/builders as possible.

To to celebrate upcoming release of  Swapper beta, the Swapper team is giving away a Ledger Nano S Plus  and a Beta NFT. Details are available on Swapper's twitter page. Deadline for participation is Sept 2.

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