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Swapper DEX x ThorGuards NFT Airdrop
September 12, 2022 #News #SwapperDEX

Swapper DEX x ThorGuards NFT Airdrop


Swapper DEX in partnership with ThorGuards is excited to bring the Swapper private beta to ThorGuards community.

On Sep 15th, all wallet addresses that hold at least 1 ThorGuard NFT will receive an airdrop of Swapper's "Distinguished Community" NFT that gives access to their beta!

Swapper DEX is a people-powered exchange building aggressively on the THORChain and they believe in decentralizing the world and are working to make it easily accessible to everyone.

Who can participate in the private beta?

Only users in possession of certain NFTs(obtained from discord and now with ThorGuards) can access the private beta. Only holders of tokens from the official Swapper collection can now access it. New collaborations with other NFT collections are here and more coming soon!

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek