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Suipe Rebrands to "DefiSpot"
September 01, 2021 #News #THORChain

Suipe Rebrands to "DefiSpot"

The Suipe exchange has rebranded to DefiSpot


Suipe — an upcoming THORChain based exchange — has rebranded to DefiSpot to avoid confusion with existing projects such as Swipe.

DefiSpot aims to provide an easy to use spot exchange interface that rivals centralized counterparts.

Utilizing the power of native decentralized cross-chain swaps from THORChain, DefiSpot will offer a similar user experience to Coinbase.

Existing THORChain interfaces can be intimidating to users new to DeFi, and other bridging services have attempted to simplify the cross-chain leap, but generally requires a complicated multi-step process for users to move between blockchains.

With THORChain, DefiSpot will allow users to trade across chains with a single transaction.

Follow DefiSpot on Twitter for updates.

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