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Single-sided Yield Coming to THORChain
August 30, 2022 #News #THORChain

Single-sided Yield Coming to THORChain


Single-sided yield for non-RUNE asset has been touted as the most desired feature needed on THORChain and its coming soon.

Single-sided yield is simply about a user depositing an L1 asset in a single tx and earning yield on it in-kind.  Then at a later time withdraw the L1 asset with the yield earned, i.e. earn $BTC  on $BTC or $ETH on $ETH. With this system, there's no wrapping, no custodians, no complex UX, no price-exposure, no fake yield.

This change coming to stagenet in the next THORChain update  creates the mechanism to payout rewards to yield-bearing synth holders.

THORChain puts the UX as follows:

  • Deposit L1 asset via '+:btc/btc' memo
  • BTC synth minted & locked in vault
  • Vault units issued to user
  • LUVI Growth tracked on base pool
  • Every 'x' blocks,LUVI growth snpped, and extra synths minted and sent to vault
  • User redeems like '-btc/btc:10000'(100%) from L1 wallet
  • Vault units redeemed against synth vault balance
  • Redemption direct to L1 (BTC)

Nine Realms has indicated they will be rolling out a testing plan shortly.


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