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Rango Exchange Partners with Kujira
October 26, 2022 #News #RangoExchange

Rango Exchange Partners with Kujira


Rango Exchange is excited to announce its partnership with Kujira Chain.

Kujira is a new Layer 1 blockchain building something unique in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Kujira (meaning “whale” in Japanese) currently consists of a liquidation market called ORCA and a decentralized order book called FIN, providing users with accurate, sustainable yield through the re-allocation of fees to stakers of their token KUJI

Rango's partnership is in 2 folds:

  1. Kujira integration in Rango (now live in our cross-chain protocol)
  2. Rango’s SDK integration in Kujira Blue (coming soon)

With Kujira integration in Rango, users can now swap from THORChain or any chain to the Kujira chain using Rango's crosschain protocol.

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