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Rango Exchange Integrates Moonriver
June 14, 2022 #News #RangoExchange

Rango Exchange Integrates Moonriver


Rango Exchange has successfully integrated Moonriver  into its Multichain ecosystem.

Moonriver launched in June 2021 as a parachain on the Kusama network. It is a sister network of Moonbeam, and its objective is to provide an environment to test new code under real economic conditions. This enables developers to experiment and build on an incentivized canary network connected to Kusama.

This integration by Rango includes:

  • Solarbeam as on-chain swaps inside Moonriver.
  • Multichain and CelerNetwork as a bridge between Moonriver and Ethereum/BSC/Arbitrum/AVAX, etc.

Users can now use Rango to acquire assets on Moonriver.

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