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Rango Exchange Integrates Hyphen
August 02, 2022 #News #RangoExchange

Rango Exchange Integrates Hyphen


Rango Exchange is excited to announce that it has has successfully integrated Hyphen(Biconomy) for bridging between BSC, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Optimism, and Arbitrum.

Hyphen(powered by Biconomy) enables a seamless experience for users as they navigate effortlessly between Ethereum & various layers. It offers fast, cheap & gas-efficient fund transfers between any evm-compatible chain.

The integration with Hyphen aims to provide better liquidity for all supported EVM chains in Rango. Thus, Rango’s users enjoy swapping cheaper & faster experience in all EVM blockchains.

This feature also is live on Rango’s SDK; with this integration, No Dapp, wallet, or any protocol will exist in seclusion. It can smoothly connect to the web3.0 ecosystem through Rango’s SDK.

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