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Rango Exchange Integrates Celer IM
August 26, 2022 #News #RangoExchange

Rango Exchange Integrates Celer IM


Rango is thrilled to announce its successful integration of Celer IM into their cross-chain protocol bringing more capabilities to its platform.

Rango commits to offering the best rate for cross-chain interoperability for both users and all DApps looking for a multi-chain feature.

Through this integration, Rango allows users and developers to engage in activities across a multi-chain ecosystem and benefit from all chains in one place. In addition, the service provides simplicity via a single transaction without complicated manual interactions on numerous blockchains usually required for such transactions.

Recently, THORWallet DEX announced the integration of Rango Exchange to its platform allowing users to swap 10,000+ assets between all chains (ETH, Cosmos, Avax, Solana, +40 more).

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