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Rango Exchange Announces THORChain Integration
August 17, 2021 #News #THORSwap

Rango Exchange Announces THORChain Integration

DEX aggregator Rango Exchange integrates with THORChain for cross-chain swaps.


The Big Picture

Rango Exchange is a cross-chain DEX aggregator that aims to be the go-to solution for all cross-chain swaps. By utilizing multiple bridges and cross-chain liquidity providers like THORChain it can offer the best conversion rates no matter which chain you are using.

Why This is Important

Moving tokens from one chain to another can be a very complex process for complete beginners. Having a DEX aggregator that can act as both a DEX and a bridge will hopefully make things a lot easier.

The addition of THORChain swaps outlines the importance of the THORChain ecosystem as a whole. Cross-chain liquidity demand is growing and THORChain is an ideal solution to that problem.

Going Forward

THORChain, 1Inch, Binance Bridge, Osmosis Zone, Terra Bridge and Terra Swap are already integrated with Rango Exchange. According to their FAQ page, even more chains and integrations are on the way.

Their recent tweet also explains how centralized exchanges can be completely replaced by utilizing decentralized solutions like THORChain, Terra and others.

Source: Rango Exchange

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