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Rango Exchange Integrates THORChain DEX Aggregator
July 16, 2022 #News #THORChain

Rango Exchange Integrates THORChain DEX Aggregator


Rango Exchange is excited to announce its successful integration of THORChain DEX aggregator into its DApp.

To support cross-chain aggregation, THORChain whitelists aggregator contracts that can call into THORChain (Swap in) or receive calls (Swap Out).

With this integration by Rango, users can swap from Ethereum tokens to any THORChain supported L1 tokens with a 1 transaction sign or vice versa.

Also, this feature has now been implemented into Rango's SDK and developers looking for this feature can come and integrate Rango's ultimate cross chain SDK into their DApp.

Congrats to the Rango Team.

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