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Nine Realms Announces “THORSec” Initiative
August 04, 2021 #News #THORChain

Nine Realms Announces “THORSec” Initiative

Nine Realms has announced that they will be putting together an independent security team that is dedicated to protecting the THORChain network.


The Big Picture

THORChain has not been holding back in their plans to harden the network. In addition to third-party audits, automatic solvency checks, monitoring solutions, and more, a new initiative has been developed by the team at Nine Realms.

THORSec is a dedicated security team that will work independently from the core team — but still participate internally with code review and major decisions.

Think of THORSec as an always-on Red Team, constantly trying to break @THORChain’s defenses from within and acting as first-response/triage for bounties.

What Led to This

Last month’s exploits have caused the THORChain team and community to take a step back and put more emphasis on security. Due to the nature of cross-chain swaps, the protocol is one of the most complex in the industry and must contend with the intricacies of each chain it connects with. Bringing in a dedicated white-hat team is one of the many initiatives that have been put into place to make the network as secure as possible.

Why This is Important

The THORSec team will play a crucial part in keeping the network secure, and the initiative shows the increasing determination in ensuring THORChain’s long term success.

Going Forward

Even after the third-party audits are complete, the THORSec Red Team will continue to audit code changes and probe the network for weaknesses, and these adversarial conditions mimic the threat of real-world attack — allowing THORChain to always stay one step ahead.

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