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Maya Rolls Out Maya Community Growth Program
November 02, 2022 #News #Maya Protocol

Maya Rolls Out Maya Community Growth Program


Maya Community Growth Program is here. Participants will earn $MAYA or $AZTEC tokens  and Maya Masks by helping the community grow.

Users can earn by inviting friends through the following channels:

  • Discord Referrals: Receive 0.1 $MAYA and 0.1 $AZTEC for every new member you bring into Discord
  • Discord Activity: The top 100 active members in Discord will receive 1 $MAYA and 1 $AZTEC at the end of the program.
  • Twitter Content: Tweet about us through educational threads, memes, or anything you can imagine, and you'll earn 0.2 $MAYA and 0.2 $AZTEC per post.
  • Maya Mask Boost: Get a boost if you own between 1 and 10+ depending on the set requirements.

Please note that the Maya protocol Community Growth Program rewards are limited to 1500 $MAYA, 1500 $AZTEC, and ten #MayaMasks. The program will end up once we run out of rewards, or by Nov 30, whichever comes first.

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