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Maya Masks Public Mint Closed
August 12, 2022 #News #Maya Protocol

Maya Masks Public Mint Closed


The excitement around MAYA and CACAO continues but Maya Masks public mint  is now closed.

Maya Masks are the official NFT genesis collection that will represent the Maya Protocol community.

Mint structure for Maya Masks was as follow:

July 27th: Pre-Mint Sale - Wednesday, July 27, 2022 4:00 PM

0.05 ETH Per Mask for Big TG and TG Maya List

0.075 ETH Per Mask for Maya List

Public mint was scheduled from 28th July to Aug 11th with a mint price of 0.09 ETH.

Maya Mask reveal website was created to protect everyone from metadata mint sniping. Maya Masks owners can view full details of their Masks. Full on-chain metadata update will be made from next week.

The remaining un-minted supply will be taken out of circulation, and all rewards planned for the Masks will be condensed into those that were minted.

For those that missed out on the mint, secondary can be bought here: https://opensea.io/collection/mayamasks

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