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Maya Protocol Launches Maya Academy
July 04, 2022 #News #Maya Protocol

Maya Protocol Launches Maya Academy


Maya Protocol, the friendly fork of THORChain recently launched the Maya Academy for new and sophisticated users in the Defi/crypto Space.

The Maya Academy provides resources in friendly manner with content varying from LPing to impermanent loss, web 3 and more.

Maya protocol is a Cosmos SDK-powered replicated state machine to over-watch and coordinate the movement of digital assets, swaps or stakes without the need to wrap or peg any of them.  

$CACAO is the main token of Maya Protocol with a 100M supply. $CACAO will be directly 100% in circulation upon a fair launch liquidity auction over a 21 days period. No KYC, users just need to create a MAYA wallet and deposit the asset of their choice ($BTC, $ETH, $RUNE, $BNB) . $CACAO is for Maya what $RUNE is for THORChain.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek