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Maya Mask Mint Details Released
July 25, 2022 #News #Maya Protocol

Maya Mask Mint Details Released


The team at Maya Protocol is set for the Maya Mask collection mint and have recently released details regarding the mint structure.

Maya Masks are the official NFT genesis collection that will represent the Maya Protocol community. These 6060 masks are a wearable NFT, meant to be an accessory for your favorite web3 avatars. Users can put a mask on their PFPs with the tool here: https://editor.mayamask.com

Mint Structure is as below:

July 27th: Pre-Mint Sale - Wednesday, July 27, 2022 4:00 PM

0.05 ETH Per Mask for Big TG and TG Maya List

0.075 ETH Per Mask for Maya List

Based on your Maya List roles, your minting limit will be as follows:

Big TG Maya List: 20 mint limit

TG Maya List: 10 mint limit

Maya List: 5 mint limit

Any leftover Masks from mint after 2 weeks of launch will be burned and the value from utility will be condensed into the Masks that are minted. Maya Masks are utility packed and the team plans to airdrop $MAYA to Mask holders, and $CACAO staking rewards.

Minters can confirm their Maya List roles in Discord.

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