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$MAYA Airdrop Coming to $RUNE Holders
June 01, 2022 #Maya Protocol #News

$MAYA Airdrop Coming to $RUNE Holders

Maya Protocol plans to airdrop $MAYA tokens to native $RUNE Holders.


Maya Protocol plans to airdrop $MAYA tokens to native $RUNE Holders.


Maya protocol, friendly fork of THORChain, is a Cosmos SDK-powered replicated state machine to over-watch and coordinate the movement of digital assets, swaps or stakes without the need to wrap or peg any of them.  

$CACAO is the main token of Maya Protocol with a 100M supply. $CACAO will be directly 100% in circulation. $MAYA will have a 1M supply. Maya is used as a way of funding the project. Maya is also used to get a share of the revenue of the protocol.

Good News

Native $RUNE holders will get 10% of all the $MAYA tokens via an airdrop. Holders will be eligible with native Rune if they:

  • Run a node on THORChain
  • Hold native $RUNE in wallets and LP $RUNE

$MAYA is a tokenization of the cash flow. The more active the exchange is, the better the price should be.

$MAYA tokens capture 10% of the fees generated by swapping inside Maya Protocol

Everybody who holds it has an incentive to make sure the protocol succeeds. Team, VCs and others only make money if the protocol is profitable Besides the fair launch of $CACAO this is another fair part of $MAYA.

Exact date for fair lunch and airdrop is yet to be determined.

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