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LP University Expands to Maya Protocol
September 03, 2022 #News #Maya Protocol

LP University Expands to Maya Protocol


LP University is expanding its operations to Maya Protocol.

Maya Protocol is a Cosmos SDK-powered replicated state machine to coordinate asset movement, including processing swaps, stakes, and more without the need to peg assets. Maya Protocol is validating THORChain’s lead and paying tribute to it.

LP University aims to help people understand liquidity pooling and more on the THORChain Network.  They provide education and easy breakdown of all things THORChain. More content('Under the hood ' series and LPU THORChain updates) can also be obtained from their blog.

Anyone looking to learn more about the friendly THORChain fork, Maya Protocol, can now enjoy the experience and guidance of LP University educators. Feel free to check out the discord below to ask questions and learn more.

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