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Lendscape's Closed Beta is Live
August 30, 2022 #News #Lendscape

Lendscape's Closed Beta is Live


Lendscape recently released its closed beta. A sneak peek is below:

Lendscape is pushing to become the first decentralized lending protocol for THORChain and eventually, utilizing inter-blockchain communication (IBC).

THORChads are encouraged to run some tests on this beta, break it if they can and share suggestions or improvements where applicable. Lendscape, through ThorFi's hidden utility and mechanism, aims to enables fast and seamless borrowing-and-lending with 0% interest rates and no liquidations.

Other features (Savings, Borrow and more) would likely be unveiled as beta testing progresses.

Feedback, suggestions are welcome and can be sent via https://forms.gle/YPh9fLyMnSq1mTao8 .

Visit the Lendscape discord to get access(100 spots available) to its closed beta with a few steps.

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