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July 12, 2021

Introducing RUNEBase News

Today we're excited to be launching RUNEBase News - your one-stop destination where you can keep up-to-date with the latest news and updates on THORChain, its surrounding ecosystem, and decentralized finance at large.

Like the rest of the crypto world, the THORChain ecosystem is developing at breakneck speed, and updates are generally available in real-time on Twitter for anyone interested in following along.

But not everyone is available or interested in staying up to date on Twitter all the time, so for those of you averse to sifting through Twitter's ever-flowing river of noise, RUNEBase News is here to pull out the signal and deliver it to you direct.

Our contributors will be keeping up with the latest developments in THORChain, and wherever relevant, pull quotes from the developers, investors, and key community members for additional context, so you can make sense of what's happening.

Shout out to THORChain community member @Tratium for kick-starting this initiative with us as our first contributor & editor. If you're interested in participating as a contributor, let us know here and we'll reach out!

Interested in following along? You can subscribe for updates via Twitter, Telegram, or Email.

- 0xNguyen

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