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September 30, 2021

Inside ThorGuards: Digging Deeper

Vivid details wetting the appetites of listeners emerged earlier today on Twitter spaces hosted by the ThorGuards and RUNEBase teams.

So much was revealed as @0xNguyen briefed the community on expected features, developments, use cases and utility for ThorGuards NFTs.

Twitter Spaces: Inside ThorGuards

Major Points

  • ThorGuards is another funnel of education for the THORChain ecosystem attracting new users through collectibles.
  • The ThorGuards NFTs are to be packed with fiery utility.
  • Partnership with different THORChain ecosystem builders would also lead to various use cases of the ThorGuards NFTs. One of such may be discount on trading fees for holders of ThorGuards NFTs.
  • Meet the ThorGuards NFT Artist - Walter, a 22 year old from Brazil.

Going Forward

Get to see your ThorGuards in real life with special effects!

The ThorGuard team have hinted on AR (Augmented Reality) developments for the ThorGuard NFTs.

Gaming component is also not left out of what is to come.

You can bet the ThorGuards team are here to lead us to Valhalla.

Listen to the Spaces on SoundCloud

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