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Haven Completes THORChain Smoke Tests
May 27, 2022 #News #Haven

Haven Completes THORChain Smoke Tests

Privacy-lovers will soon have privacy features on THORChain. Thanks to the Haven Team.


Haven developers have recently completed THORChain smoke tests.

Haven Protocol is the world’s only network of private stable assets.

By completing this stage, the code can now be reviewed by the wider THORChain Dev Community before being launched on stagenet(a test environment where real funds are used).

Why This is Important

THORChain already provides the ability to swap multiple native assets across six chains. With privacy introduced, privacy-lovers and their liquidity will now have the  ability swap private assets like $xUSD to any native asset or token.

Next Steps

A Haven XChainjs pull request has been submitted to THORSwap. XChainjs is a library with a common interface for multiple blockchains, built for simple and fast integration for multiple wallets libraries. THORSwap Devs already reviewed the code.

Monero Rebase

Internal testing is ongoing on a significant update to the Haven code, rebasing onto Monero v0.17.3.2. Community testing will be available shortly once a new testnet goes live.

Everybody deserves privacy.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek