THORChain Network Operation Roadmap
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July 21, 2021

Halborn Commences THORChain Penetration Test & Security Audit

After conducting an information gathering & technical diligence process earlier this week, renowned security firm Halborn has officially begun their security audit and penetration test of the THORChain network.

Soma | Halborn via THORChain Discord

The detailed audits and testing are being conducted by a team of six engineers with two to three more engineers slated to join their ranks as the project progresses.

The audits and testing are estimated to occur over a five to six week period, closely examining the core components of the network and brute-force testing its strength to harden the network and protect against future exploits.

Soma | Halborn via THORChain Discord

The Halborn team has provided the network & community with a real-time project timeline and milestone tracker that you can follow along with here.

Additionally, Halborn will be providing official updates & reporting as the testing & auditing progresses.

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