THORChain Network Operation Roadmap
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July 15, 2021

Halborn Security Offers THORChain "Always-on" Protection

Halborn Security, who has already been tasked with performing an audit of the THORChain protocol, has extended an offer for "Always-on" Advance Persistent Protection services to the community.

This service would employ a team of whitehat hackers to perform constant vulnerability testing on the THORChain network. Each update to the protocol would be rigerously audited to ensure the best possible security.

The offer comes hot on the heels of THORChain's second exploit this month. The appitite for such a service is high, and would help reassure users that as much as possible is being done to prevent future attacks.

THORChain has not been shy about stating the risks of using the network during it's "chaosnet" phase. As the name suggests, the network is still being proven and the possibility for incidents such as this is the reason a liquidity cap exists.

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