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Halborn Publishes THORChain Hack Incident Analysis & Recommendations
July 24, 2021 #News #THORChain

Halborn Publishes THORChain Hack Incident Analysis & Recommendations

Halborn publishes an incident analysis and recommendations for yesterday's $8m THORChain Hack.


Within 24 hours of the most recent THORChain hack, Halborn has compiled and published an in-depth incident analysis on the $8m attack.

Halborn Response Recommendations:

  • The Router contract should have pause/un-pause functionality on unintended behaviors. Implement a mechanism that can temporarily stop the critical functionalities.
  • A white-listing mechanism should be implemented on every Bifrost component.
  • Enable Automatic Solvency Checker on ETH transactions.
  • Only Router emitted events should parse from the component - minimizing its attack surface.
  • When smart contracts are deployed into the Ethereum blockchain, they are immutable and not upgradable. In the white-listing progress, Router should be placed behind the proxy.
  • Implement a new policy for tracking new bugs.

For more details, read the full report here.

Moving Forward:

In a series of tweets, the THORChain team has outlined next steps towards getting the system back online.

The outlined plan includes internal & external reviews of all chain integration points, working with Nine Realms on a continual Bounty Program, and working with Halborn Security on "Red Team Ops

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