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First Multi-Sig Transaction Created on THORSwap
July 19, 2022 #News #THORChain

First Multi-Sig Transaction Created on THORSwap


THORSwap just never stops building. The team recently unveiled a multi-sig feature blowing the doors off any obstacles to running nodes and doing so much more on THORChain.

The THORSwap team is building a Gnosis Safe equivalent for THORChain which has numerous advantages summarized below:

  • Running Pooled Nodes: Multiple individuals/institutions can pool RUNE together securely to run node.
  • Liquidity Providing:The Multisig will enable multiple users to LP together as users can earn yield on their L1 assets whilst managed by their personal selection of signers.
  • Financial Management: A collective of smart individuals managing funds and earning yield is better than a single smart individual. Even better is a dead man's switch can be created such that your trusted signers could remove your funds to send to your family.
  • Hack proof safe: Have your own multisig set up with yourself as all 3 signers. That means if one wallet gets compromised, the hacker still needs 2 more wallets to take funds.
  • For Treasuries: Treasuries can hold $RUNE on balance sheets as a part of DAO, CEX, DeFi and VC treasury management!

THORSwap has also hinted that it will also be compatible with THORNames, so users can register and hold THORNames with the multi-sig.

THORName Service (TNS) is the future of cross chain simplicity for wallets, swaps and all things THORChain.


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