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Ferz Wallet to Launch DEX Aggregator
September 03, 2022 #News #Ferzwallet

Ferz Wallet to Launch DEX Aggregator


Ferz wallet a sleek, non-custodial cross-chain wallet built on THORChain is soon to launch DEX aggregator.

To support cross-chain aggregation, THORChain whitelists aggregator contracts that can call into THORChain (Swap in) or receive calls (Swap Out).

With this integration, users will be able swap from Ethereum tokens to any THORChain supported L1 tokens with a 1-transaction sign or vice versa. Alongside the DEX aggregator, is the desktop browser extension, Ferz team is working to introduce.

Ferz Wallet is a user-friendly cross-platform Progressive Web Application (PWA) designed to be easily used by anyone, anywhere, and on any device.

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