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Dogecoin Launches on Stagenet
January 07, 2022 #News #THORChain

Dogecoin Launches on Stagenet

THORChain support for DOGE has been released on Stagenet, and will make its way to Chaosnet imminently.


$DOGE is now live on THORChain's Stagenet. Stagenet is a new THORChain network similar to Testnet but with real world assets. It's designed to accelerate testing of new chain integrations and new THORFi features.

Nine Realms and the THORChain core team will test Dogecoin on Stagenet to ensure stability. Once the integration is deemed secure, $DOGE will be added to Chaosnet, making it THORChain's first new integration since it launched in April 2021. The Chaosnet release is expected this month.

You can view Stagenet on THORSwap's interface here. More information about Stagenet can be found here.

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