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October 5, 2021

Defi Spot Takes Aim at Centralized Exchanges

The Big Picture

The race for a decentralized chain agnostic DEX is for the swift and all competition is welcome.

Defi Spot is priming to be a unique "CEX-like" DEX built on the THORChain protocol.

THORChain has made a seed investment in $SPOT from the treasury, and will support the Project through to IDO.

Key Features

@Crytpo_Euphoria has highlighted some major features of Defi Spot.

  • A CEX interface like Coinbase/Binance but decentralized without without wrapped assets.
  • Will be hosted on IPFS/Arweave.
  • Will be available on mobile for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and web.
  • Completely anonymous (no KYC)

And finally, a potentially killer feature -- fiat on-ramp!

Going Forward

Things are shaping up to be battle between centralized exchanges and THORChain-based DEXs like Defi Spot.

Defi Spot is also building a massive community and following with each passing day.

Join the Defi Spot Discord here.

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