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Defispot To Introduce Fiat On/Off Ramp Feature
October 25, 2022 #News #DefiSpot

Defispot To Introduce Fiat On/Off Ramp Feature


Defispot gives a break down of some action going on behind the scenes including a  new fiat On/Off Ramp feature to be introduced to community soon.

A summary is below:

  • AGGREGATOR UPDATE: Team is working on integrating the aggregator on the mobile App and currently setting up a site for beta testers
  • WEB APP : Final support ongoing for Solana swaps on keystore and additional UI updates and designs in the works.
  • BUG FIXES: Issue with adding liquidity on some coins has been fixed
  • NEW FEATURE: Fiat ON/OFF Ramp in progress. More details to come on this.

Previous update on users logging into to Defispot with their google account is almost finished but has been set aside for now due to higher priorities.

More updates to be shared in the near future.

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