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Brokkr Wallet Linking Tool Now Live
August 23, 2022 #News #Brokkr Finance

Brokkr Wallet Linking Tool Now Live


To all Bros, the Brokkr wallet linking  tool is now live.

All Terra wallets that held $BRO assets before the snapshot will receive their equivalent on the Avalanche network. Users can now link terra wallet addresses with avalanche address(es) for an AVAX $BRO airdrop in September.

Brokkr assets
• $BRO in the wallet
• $bBRO in the wallet
• Staked (& locked) $BRO
• $BRO in unstaking period
• Unclaimed $BRO rewards
• Unclaimed $bBRO rewards
• $BRO in Astroport pool as LP
• Vested $BRO in Bonding
• Brokkr Whitelist NFTs (but they will be airdropped later this year)

Main Specification

Supported New Wallets: Metamask & XDEFI
Airdrop date: ETA Mid-September
$BRO airdrop ratio: 1:1
$bBRO airdrop ratio: Brokkr is not transferring the locked status so the ratio is not 1:1. When we launch, we will move towards the “Custom Unstaking Period
Brokkr Whitelist NFTs: They will be migrated later this year in a separate airdrop (October/November)
Timeframe: There is no end date for linking the wallets yet. After the initial airdrop, Brokkr will have regular drops for “late address linkers”
$BRO Snapshot date: 13.05.2022, 17:59, GMT+2.

Users are advised to follow the guide on migration below:

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