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Brokkr To Bring Bitcoin DCA and DNS Strategies This Q4
November 05, 2022 #News #Brokkr Finance

Brokkr To Bring Bitcoin DCA and DNS Strategies This Q4


Brokkr is bringing more the next 2 weeks and ready to end Q4 with a bang.

More strategies are coming and they include:

1. Autofarmed Bitcoin DCA
2. Delta Neutral Strategy
3. Active Risk Management
4. Integration API

A summary is below:

Autofarmed Bitcoin DCA: This strategy will let users auto-invest and farm Bitcoin at regular intervals. All steps are automated, just deposit funds into the strategy and they are automatically invested over time.

Delta Neutral Strategy: Hedged strategies that long and short assets at the same time. It greatly reduces the volatility as it doesn’t matter if the prices go up or down. During testing, Brokkr team observed about 15% - 20%.

Active Risk Management: This feature continuously monitors over 30 factors that impact the protocols Brokkr uses inside the strategies. If there is something suspicious Brokkr can easily rebalance the Portfolio or exit the strategy to stable coins.

Integration API: Brokkr will provide infrastructure for decentralized investing. All strategies and portfolios will be easy to integrate by a 3rd party.

Brokkr has also indicated that the second part of the ThorGuards & Bulls airdrop is coming. While doing so we will also enable StarTerra holders to link their $BRO holdings. All this year

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