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Avax $BRO Airdrop Goes Live
September 27, 2022 #News #Brokkr Finance

Avax $BRO Airdrop Goes Live


Brokkr Finance has scheduled the airdrop of Avalanche $BRO for today, 27th September.

AVAX $BRO Airdrop Summary

When: Tuesday, September 27th
To Whom: To everyone who linked wallets
$BRO Status: Staked
Unstaking period: 14 days
BRO Contract Address: 0x65031e28Cb0E8CC21Ae411f9dD22c9b1bd260Ce4
bBRO Contract Address: 0x53d8FEde675825db0fCA6FF3e25D46b7510e8c8b
The Contract addresses is used for adding the tokens to your wallet.

All $BRO come staked with 14 days unstaking period. Holders will also of will have the option to immediately increase the Unstaking period to 6+ months and get a special bBRO bonus.

Staking $BRO generates classic $BRO rewards from emissions and real yield-like returns from performance fees, liquidity providing and Brokkr’s Treasury Portfolio farming.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek