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Brokkr Shares RoadMap to Avalanche Launch
July 07, 2022 #News #Brokkr Finance

Brokkr Shares RoadMap to Avalanche Launch


The Brokkr team are still hard at work getting the engines ready for Avalanche launch. A summarized roadmap was just released to the community.

The milestones are:

  • Linking Terra wallets to MetaMask Avax wallets
  • Brokkr platform relaunch = Stablecoin Portfolio
  • Relaunch Staking contracts
  • 1:1 $BRO airdrop to previous $BRO token holders
  • Airdrop registration for TheBullClub NFT holders
  • Seeding liquidity
  • ThorGuards & The Bull CLub Airdrop part 2
  • Relaunch Brokkr of Brokkr NFTs

The Brokkr team also asked the community to look forward to a new design and improved UX though no timeline has been released for milestones set.

Brokkr Finance remains your friendly BRO always ready to stand by you.

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