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Brokkr Shares Details For Avax $BRO
September 23, 2022 #News #Brokkr Finance

Brokkr Shares Details For Avax $BRO


$BRO on Avalanche is coming soon(27th Sept tentatively) and Brokkr has shared details regarding its release.

Summary is below:

For $BRO

  • The team will seed a Trader Joe(Avax DEX) pool at 1 BRO = 0.05 USDC (The price when the snapshot was taken on Terra. Seeding with ~$150k)
  • New $BRO will be airdropped to linked wallets.

With $BRO , users can grow with Brokkr, see it become THE crypto investment platform and Stake to generate more juicy $BRO & $bBRO.

Regarding $bBRO

  • The $bBRO boost will be available to everyone with 6+ months Unstaking period.
  • All $BRO come with 14 days unstaking period, during which everyone receives staking rewards

With $bBRO users can participate in Brokkr returns, lower performance fees by holding and show loyalty inside the $BRO community.

Users should also note that there will be a bi-weekly $BRO airdrop for late-linkers.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek