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October 18, 2021

Brokkr Releases Q4 2021 Roadmap

Back Story

While THORChain supports native L1 assets, synthetics that tap into L1 liquidity allow for near-instant and low-fee swaps.

What started as a simple UI for synthetics on THORChain has grown into a platform that will support a wide range of THORFi capabilities.

Brokkr Finance has the end goal of bringing DeFi and THORFi to regular retail investors while guiding users through DeFi and saving them from unnecessary (and costly) mistakes.

Brokkr Finance has a mission that says "No matter who you are, god, man, woman, or a squirrel, in Brokkr’s eyes everyone receives the same support from their DeFi brother."

The Good News

Brokkr just released an updated exciting Q4 Roadmap that features:

  • Brokkr Launch with THORChain Synthetics
  • Terra and Mirror Integration
  • Providing Liquidity on THORChain
  • Long Farm on Mirror
  • Delta Neutral Strategy

Full details of features above are available in the Brokkr Medium

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