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$BRO Bonding Goes Live on Brokkr Finance
April 28, 2022 #Brokkr Finance #News

$BRO Bonding Goes Live on Brokkr Finance

$BRO bonding is now live on Brokkr Finance.


Doing good on its promise to get the moving parts of Protocol Owned Capital(POC) and Protocol Owned Liquidity(POL) going, $BRO bonding is now live on Brokkr Finance.

Bonding is a mechanism that allows users to buy $BRO tokens for a discounted price. It uses a portion of the $BRO inflation from the Rewards Pool. After bonding, the tokens are locked for 5 days (5 epochs), so they can’t be immediately sold on the market.

It will be possible to bond towards both parts of the Brokkr Treasury β€” Protocol Owned Capital & Protocol Owned Liquidity.

Brokkr Bonding

Brokkr enables bonding towards POC and POL. Both bondings have the same mechanics, they differ only in which tokens are being used.

POC Bonding β€” Bonding with $UST
POL Bonding β€” Bonding with LP token $BRO/UST

Brokkr Bonding
β€’ 5% discount on BRO tokens
β€’ New tokens are accessible after 5 days
β€’ 125k new tokens are available for bonding each epoch (approx. 1 day)

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