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Brokkr to Launch $BRO as CW20 on Terra
November 26, 2021 #News #Brokkr Finance

Brokkr to Launch $BRO as CW20 on Terra

Brokkr Finance planning to IDO on ThorStarter in Q1 2022 as a CW20 token on the Terra blockchain.


A member of the Brokkr Finance team released some very well welcomed alpha in their discord about their upcoming token IDO $BRO.

$BRO will be a CW20 token on Terra, instead of an ERC-20 token on Ethereum. This is a welcomed change for those looking to avoid hefty ETH gas prices.

Going Forward

As Thorstarter plans for Terra integration in the near future, we may see more tokens IDO as Terra based tokens instead of ETH based tokens.

The THORChain ecosystem continues to expand and develop, and adding Terra protocols will help bring liquidity and some exciting features to all THORChads soon.

Stay tuned in to the Brokkr Twitter as well as the Thorstarter Twitter for more updates about the upcoming IDO

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